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A nightclub show or go-go dancers’ job is to entertain guests through provocative and awe-inspiring choreography, from a distance.

The work and lifestyle of a dancer is very interesting. They travel around the world, meet interesting people, and above all get to enjoy constant partying. What’s more, their job doesn’t involve psychological strain. They’re responsible for being physically fit and capable of putting on a show.


SHOW & GO go dancer
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There is a clear contrast between the job descriptions of show and go-go dancers. 

Show dancers on the other hand, as part of their performance put on a more creative show. They’ll for instance scale poles or ropes, walk on stilts, wear crazy outfits, perform acrobatics, swing from one end of the club to the other, etc…

Show Dancer


Show dancer
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Go-go dancers are positioned at a central part of the club, they visually entertain all guests with their dancing, and they don’t perform outside of those boundaries.

Go Go dancers


Go Go dancers



The responsibilities of show or go-go dancers, and lap dancers, are very different. The former put on a show for the entire club at an appropriate distance, so that everyone can appreciate their talents. The latter, however, put on a show for a single individual, at a much closer proximity. If someone at the club you work for asks you to fulfill the role of a lap dancer, you have every right to refuse to do so. That is not the obligation or job description of a show or go-go dancer.

Job Descriptions

Work of this nature could be made much easier by prior experience with choreographic arts. Dance lessons in ballet, salsa, show dance, R&B, etc. could prove to be invaluable to you as a show dancer.

Prior experience and knowledge of choreography isn’t necessarily mandatory, it’s most important for your body to move in harmony with the rhythm and beat of the music.

This is mostly night-shift work, with 15-30 minute per set, and breaks in between. There are ordinarily around 6 sets per dancer during the course of an evening, depending on the number of available dancers and the program itself.

This job requires physical beauty, fitness, and sex appeal. You can perform at nightclubs, lounge bars, festivals or concerts.

In order to be successful in this industry you need good contacts, a certain degree of luck, sex appeal, an intoxicating personality, a nice smile, great communication skills, and above all, strong and sensational performances.

Girls make up 80% of show and go-go dancers in clubs throughout the world, while males comprise merely 20% of this profession’s population.


You should avoid working for shady or dangerous clubs

Try not to associate with unprofessional people in the industry

Always make sure that someone close to you is aware of where you are during the course of an evening, and keep them up-to-date at all times

Don’t settle to work for a suspicious club, regardless of the amount of money they offer you

If a club asks you to distribute promotional material, feel free to ask for additional compensation... That’s the job of promoters, not dancers


Go-go dancers usually earn between 50-200 $/night, while show dancers ordinarily earn 20-30 % more.



























  • What are the methods that bartenders use for stealing?
  • What are the things that you should never do as a bartender?
  • How to recognize a good guest in front of a Club?
  • How does Club Staff make money on a side. Be aware of a “trusted” Checker / Cashier.
  • How to get promoted on your work
  • How to treat VIP guests and Big Spenders so they will become your regular Venue costumers.
  • Night Clubs potential problems and resolution skills (Intoxication, Club Weapon issues, Problematic Guests, Guests who are unable to pay the bill, Overdose situations, Drug & Drug dealers, Club-wide Brawl, Under-age guests and fake IDs)
  • How to establish your city as a PARTY destination?
  • What does Server / Waiter need to do to earn higher tips


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Check your knowledge!

1. What are the nightlife Institutions?

2. What does the budget traveler search for?

3. What performers are part of the nightlife program?

4. What do VIP travelers want from a club more than anything?

5. Who is the club waiter’s superior?

6. What does Jeroboam stand for?

7. Why is it important for security members to wear uniforms?

8. A bartender should only make drinks, leaving all the entertaining to the dancers and DJ.

9. Whose job is it to recognize good guests at the entrance of a club?

10. What is the job of a Bouncer?